High Impact Technology® LLC Trademark and Logotype Usage Guidelines

Background Information

High Impact Technology® LLC is a leading marketer and manufacturer of innovative products

High Impact Technology® LLC's trademarks identify our products worldwide so that consumers know they are buying our high-quality products. High Impact Technology, LLC has gained valuable rights by the proper usage of trademarks to identify its products.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, name, symbol, device, design, phrase, sound, or color adopted and used by High Impact Technology® LLC to identify its goods and services and to distinguish them from other goods and services. Trademarks are usually noted with either a ™ or a ® symbol. Trademarks may also be registered internationally and each country has different laws regarding the proper notation of trademarks.

Trademark References

The High Impact Technology® LLC trademark and product names can be referenced in third party marketing collateral, applications, conferences, articles, books and other items. Companies are allowed to use the High Impact Technology® LLC trademark by following the guidelines below:

The names listed below are registered trademarks in the USA and can be denoted with an "®" or TM symbol in this region. High Impact Technology® LLC does not waive any rights to any High Impact Technology®, Inc. trademark, service mark, trade name, product name, or logo that does not appear on this list.

High Impact Technology® LLC reserves the right to revise and update these Trademark Guidelines from time to time on an as needed basis.

High Impact Technology® LLC Logotype

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