About Us


High Impact Technology is committed to adding value...or getting out of the way. Our job isn't to make your problem fit one of our products...our job is to find solutions that work for the customer. We will bring all our resources, knowledge, skills and partnerships to bear on the challenge. If we don't have a solution, we will find one that meets your needs, even if it isn't ours. HIT isn't successful unless our customers are successful.


High Impact Technology's corporate policy on hiring veterans is simple: We do it every chance we get.

HIT takes great pride knowing that our solutions and products are protecting the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. Whenever there is a chance to hire a veteran in any position, we see the clear benefit of having someone who both understands how our products work, and the people in the field those products are designed to serve. Veterans are hard working, creative, team-focused and will tackle any challenges our customers can throw at them.

HIT has several veterans on staff and as our business continues to grow...we guarantee you will see even more. We encourage everyone to hire veterans. Our partners, our customers, vendors, suppliers...and yes, even our competitors. When veterans work, America wins.